Thursday, March 29, 2012

Discover Fossils!

Last night, Carol Stocksdale from the Joseph Moore Natural History Museum came and took us back in time! She flipped her magic hourglass and we traveled back in time to see what Indiana was like in the Ordovician Era 440 million years ago! But don't worry, she got us back to the current day without a scratch! 
 The Nautiloid's shell alone was 18 feet long in the shallow ocean like waters that were over Indiana!
 The Sea Scorpion was 15ft. long! At least it's not alive to sting us today! Ouch!
 Here Miss Carol told us about Horn Coral which many people mistake for dinosaur's teeth!
 The Nautiloid evolved into the Nautilus, which has a curled and compartmentalized shell, so it was easier to travel!

 Everyone got an up close look at the fossils Miss Carol brought to show!

 Here is Miss Carol taking us safely back to the future!
Miss Melody was LOVING the fossils, along with the other 30 kids that attended!

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