Monday, May 7, 2012

It's just like fiction, only Not!

I haven't been at the library very long, when you consider the grand scheme of things, but I've been here long enough to learn a thing or two. I've learned the system and seen the trends and learned the names of authors and readers alike. I've even done my share of story times. Yet for all the time I've been here, this is my first blog post. I thought a good while about what I should tell you all; what I could say that would be interesting or important enough to warrant a post. Then it came to me as I was doing some shelving.

There's one set of shelves in this library that doesn't get all the attention that it deserves, and I want to bring it into the spotlight. The nonfiction - hey! Where are you going? Come back, give it a chance!

Seriously, there is not much that non-fiction doesn't cover. Honestly! Do a quick search in the online catalogue and see if you can find anything not covered! We've got books on just about every religion you could think of, any country you could want to visit, and every kind of bug you wouldn't want crawling on you. We've got cookbooks for every culture, books on how to be a princess, shelf after shelf on every last furry, slimy, or scaly animal you could find on the entirety of Animal Planet! There's sports books - OH, so many sports books! Motocross, Basketball, Softball, Football, Wrestling (pro and olympic), on and on and on. And it even extends into quasi-fiction! Go to 398.2 for practically every fairy tale ever written ever. Practically. 

Give it a shot! Think of subjects you wonder about, write them down, and come on in. If we don't have it, then it probably doesn't exist.

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