Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reading and Growing our Department!

Check out all the things we're doing in our department! 
 This is the Summer Readers' Garden! When you sign up for the Summer Reading Program, you receive a flower center, and will earn one petal (and one prize!) for every 3 hours you read! Once you finish your 15 hours, your flower will be full and this will become a wall of flowers! 

 The Readers' Garden continues on the bulletin board, underneath Eric Carle....
 ...and winds around other surfaces in the department too!
 This is a picture of Mr. Sean being silly and Ms. Kayla paying CLOSE attention to the silliness!
 We added a listening station for you to listen to our audio books while you're here, or to make sure you like it before you check it out! Find it next to the Toy Catalogs!
 We also have re-organized and added a Graphic Novel Section on top of where the 39 Clues and the Star Wars books live!
Marcus says Hi!!!!!!!

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