Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Silly Safaris Fun on the Farm!

Today we had our friend Coyote Chris come and talk with us about animals that live on and around the farm! It was SUPER fun! I know I was laughing the entire time! Here are some action shots!
 First up, a rabbit named Foo Foo!
 Next, a Tortoise named Speedy!
 Then, hissing cockroaches! (He didn't realize they were on the napkin!)
Next, a milk snake!
 Here's the milk snake one more time!

Then a SKUNK! 
Our Skunk Volunteers!
Here is a video of us waking up the rooster for revenge! 
 There's the rooster!
 A baby Alligator!
 A hairless guinea pig!
Finally, a Tree Frog!
 Here is the Tree Frog, named Jello, climbing onto Owen's hand!

Here is the petting line!

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