Monday, July 30, 2012

Official Summer Reading Super Count!!!

First of all, we are at 2000 page views!!! Hooray!

Second of all, here are some of our best super readers' final hour count!

Ally S., age 11-71 hours!
Ashleigh C., age 10-69 hours!
Joey K., age 9-39 hours!
Hudson S., age 8-38 hours!
Olivia L., age 7-31 hours!
Annetta I., Age 10- 31 hours!
Kaylan S., Age 8-28 hours!
Bode R., Age 8- 28 hours!
Emma B., Age 7-27 hours!
Madeline S., Age 9-25 hours!

CONGRATULATIONS! You'll sure be ready to start school! Congratulations to all participants!

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