Monday, July 23, 2012

Super Readers' Party!

Last Friday, we had a party for JUST the kids that finished summer reading! That means they had to read or be read to for at least 15 hours! Wow! We had 2 girls that ended up reading about 50 hours a piece! CRAZY! We had baked chips, apples, carrots, and lemonade, and Tom Berich from PanUSA from Bloomington, IN came and taught us all about pan drums and their history while some of the kids got to participate. Fun! Here are the pictures from our celebration!
 Miss Kathy helping pass out our snacks!
 Tom Berich started off with some congo playing!

 Bamboo Tamboo band!

 Trash can drums!

 Tom playing a steel drum!

 Playing the pan drum for the kids!

 One of our youngest finishers, Skyrah Clopp, with her aunt, our very own Miss Kayla!
 A final performance for the kids that answered his questions!

 One more Bamboo Tamboo performance!
 Everyone got a chance to try and play the drums!
 Paige getting to try out the pan drums!
 Riley trying out the pan drums!

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