Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Spookiness!

Hello out there! I'm SO sorry it has taken me SO long to update, but October was so packed with fun I hardly had time to sit down! Here's a quick update:

After the comic-con, we had our Halloween Craft Workshop, where we had around 40 kids make awesome spooky crafts! Then, on October 27, just last Saturday, we had our 1st Annual Halloween Haunt! There were around 90 people all together in attendance! We had games, candy, stories and food to boot! Last night, we had a special guest for Bedtime Books, Ms.Gunny Neal! She told us one of a kind stories written by her daughter Nina about a princess eating cave troll and a monster who liked to pick flowers! We also got to eat cupcakes and cookies and have goblin punch!

Next month, Ms. Debby is doing a Thanksgiving Craft Workshop on the 10th from 2-4p and we are also doing Seasons Greetings for our Troops on Wednesday, November 28th from 6-7p where we will be writing thank you and happy holidays cards that we will send with a picture to troops that can't make it home for the holidays that are overseas!

Finally, in December, Silly Safaris and Jingle John are coming with one of Santa's reindeer on Wednesday, December 12th at 6p, and Ms. Kathy is having a Winter Wonderland Craft Workshop on Saturday, December 8th from 2-4pm. During Winter Break, we will have out coloring sheets for you to color and put up as well!

I will post pictures of our adventures in October tomorrow. Hope to see you soon!

Miss Madeline

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