Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fun Sites Online For Toddlers

Do you sometimes want a free moment to relax and let your child play on their own? Do you have a computer? I recently stumbled onto several sites that are great for toddlers and little ones, they have some great games and graphics.  This website has many fun games filled with bright colors and simple concepts. Especially great for toddlers who are better at banging on the keyboard than  using the mouse are the games geared to pressing keys. Loads of fun!  For kids who are learning to read and figuring out letters this is a good one.  Linked to the book, this shows the alphabet in a fun way with neat graphics. Easy and simple, yet entertaining for a small one.  Several different games, and bright, captivating graphics. This is very easy and fun.  I am adding this here, though it is really much more fun for slightly older kids I think. Lots of activities to do and games to play with the five characters. Simple puzzles, games and stories help keep kids entertained.


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