Thursday, April 25, 2013


Ms. Tracey, Ms. Laurie and the Team are getting ready for ELEPHANT AND PIGGIE TAKE OVER THE LIBRARY! This event is a party for ALL ages and will include a photo shoot with Elephant and Piggie, crafts, games, bananas and books! Don't miss out! Come with your adult to the book sale on Saturday from 12-2:30 and you can have fun while your grown-up fills a bag with books for $3!!!!! IT'S A WIN WIN SITUATION! Here are a few pictures of some NEW stuff in the department!

Always check out our book wall to see what we recommend each month! 
 Here is our advertisement for our party this Saturday, from 12-2:30p!!!
 Elephant and Piggie are SO EXCITED!
 We read this book, "The Wonderful Happens" by Cynthia Rylant today in K-3 storytime and made a mural of things we think are wonderful. They include a mustache man, mac and cheese, baked spaghetti, cupcakes and ice cream!
 Those are hanging in the entrance!
 And last but not least, here is our banner with all of the "to-be" kindergartners names! 

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