Tuesday, November 26, 2013

NaNoWriMo-Local Author Day!

This past Saturday was our Local Author Day! Check out the pictures of each Author presenting their book:

 Here is author and musician Caroline Klemperer-Green sharing music as a part of storytelling with her book, "Caboose the Pot-Bellied Pig". This book can be checked out from our library!
 Here is author Connie Wooldridge sharing her book, "Just Fine The Way They Are". You can buy, "Just Fine The Way They Are" here!
 Here are authors Shelley Davis (left) and Eva Reece (right) sharing Ms. Reece's book, "The Boinking Bubble Machine".You can buy, "The Boinking Bubble Machine" here!
 Here are authors Shelley Davis (left) and Eva Reece (right) sharing Ms. Davis's book, "Mattie the Mule Goes to School". You can buy, "Mattie the Mule Goes to School" here or at The Two Sisters Book Store on Fort Wayne Avenue in the Depot District of Richmond, IN.
This is the cover of Author Barbara Norman and Illustrator Judy Jenning's book, "The Two Marys". Barbara and her husband presented the book for us! You can buy "The Two Marys" here!

All of these books are wonderful, and are a testament to the wonderful talent hidden in the Whitewater Valley! These books and others by local authors, including the Molly and the Magic Suitcase Series by Chris and Amy Oler, are available for checkout at out library!

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