Saturday, March 1, 2014

The more you know!

I've been an employee of Morrisson-Reeves Library for a little over two weeks now and it’s been amazing! There are a lot of things I didn't realize the children’s department offered. I thought, you know, if I don’t know, maybe you don’t know. So let’s talk library!

First and foremost, did you know that if you come in with your parent and sign up for a library card at the main circulation desk, you will receive a coupon for a goody bag from the children’s department?! On your second visit, bring the coupon that is inside the goody bag you received at your first visit to the children’s services circulation desk and you will get to choose a prize from our treasure chest! How sweet is that? I know, I know…Saaaweet!

Also, did you know that the children’s department offers toys that you can rent, up to two at a time? Well, you can! When you come into the children’s department, face the service desk and look to the right of it. Sit down at the desk and look through the three white binders located there. In these binders are pictures of toys. Lots and lots of toys! When you find two that you like, a staff member will retrieve the items from their storage place, lickity split. Each time a toy is returned from a rental, the toy is thoroughly sanitized and shelved in the toy storage until the next time it is checked out. Easy, convenient, and all you need is a valid library card!

How about this one? Do you enjoy a good scavenger hunt? If so, you can stop by the service desk and pick up the book title scavenger hunt page. In this quest, you are asked to find different elements in the title of books located in the children’s department. Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for in minutes or perhaps you’ll have to visit us more than once but in the end, when you have completed your adventure, you can choose a prize from the treasure chest!

Exciting and fun times at MRL. Hope to see you soon!!

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