Thursday, April 24, 2014

Department Updates!

Hello everyone! So we've moved books around (again, I know!) to make them a bit easier and to highlight some special books. We had to move all of the Holiday books to make room for the new playhouse that we will be getting soon! Henry Jetmore is in the final stages of building us a new reading house, complete with crawl through holes and a magnet board, for his Eagle Scout project! Keep your eyes out for that in the coming weeks! In the mean time, here are pictures of the new spaces and signs for books.

Ms. Bethany is creating bulletin boards for every decade we are featuring at the library for our 150th birthday! Here are the first two that she's done! Keep looking for more!
 Here are our Truffula Trees! All because someone like you cared a whole awful lot!  We've also separated our Newbery Medal Winners for easier access!

 Our graphic novels are now on a regular shelf across from New Books because we ran out of room for them! In non-fiction, there are now picture guides that tell you what is in each row!


 Our magazines and series were moved to the first row back in non-fiction so we could have more room for Young Hoosier books and new books! There will soon be a bench back there for lounging and reading!

 Our Young Hoosiers now have two entire ranges to themselves! We have every 2013-2014 nominee up there, so check them out!

 We moved our science fair and reference books to the end of the chapter book section. Now they are right across from the tables, perfect for studying from!
 As I mentioned above, we had to move our holiday books to the end of non-fiction to make room for a new reading house! We also moved the Caldecott Honor Books and Winners next to them so you can find them easier as well!
Whew! That was a lot! I'll wait until later to post pictures of our garden! Come visit us soon! -Miss Madeline

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