Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another Summer Favorite

To kick off this summer I read a favorite of mine from when I was a kid. It was just as good as I remember! Twisted Summer by Willo Davis Roberts is a story of summer fun that goes wrong when the main girl, CiCi stumbles onto a murder mystery that hits close to home.

"The brisk pace of this suspenseful murder mystery lures readers right to the gripping ending. Fourteen-year-old Cici Linden's anticipated summer among family and old friends on Crystal Lake in Michigan takes an abrupt turn when she realizes that the brother of the boy she likes has been convicted of murdering a flirtatious girl from the summer community. Convinced of Brody's innocence, Cici searches for the real killer in the midst of the illness and death of her beloved grandmother and her growing conviction that her stepgrandfather is somehow involved in the crime. Before discovering the murderer's identity, Cici survives being shot at and uncovers double blackmail. Roberts writes insightfully about death and the different ways in which people grieve. This is a well-crafted, sophisticated story that conveys Cici's conflicting feelings as her hopes for a romantic summer turn sour," a review from School Library Journal.
 A favorite when I was younger and just as good as I remember it. This book had me racing to read until the end. Come in and check it out to give yourself a great read to fill up your own twisted mystery summer.

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