Monday, July 7, 2014

Cope's "Coolest Things About Richmond" Summer Reading Program was a HIT!

Miss. Mary from the COPE Environmental Center was a a real treat last Wednesday. The viewers learned about some notable scientific events in the last 150 years in Richmond, and traveled way, way, way back in far as BILLIONS of years in the past!! Check out some pics of the event below.

Miss. Mary asks for help from the audience to show elapsed time...

As the roll was unwound, Miss. Mary explained that each foot represents 1 million years!

Several children lug out the huge Byson hide!

The crowd is invited to touch and feel the Byson hide...

 Miss. Mary wrapped up the program by showcasing some more common hides from the present day, such skunk and fox hides.

Please join us, this Wednesday @ 4:30p in the Bard room, for our final on site summer reading program, BUBBLE WONDERS with Geoff Adkins!

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