Saturday, May 21, 2016

How can I help get my child interested in reading?

Before I worked at the library, I was a teacher.  I have taught a wide range of students at various academic levels and abilities.  Keeping in mind my educational training was neither in special education or reading.  My educational training was social studies.  There are 1,001 labels that can be applied to students. To me there are three: struggling readers, on the fence readers, and those who love to read. 

I have no magic formula to move a struggler to a lover of reading. However, I have some observations that you might find helpful or interesting.

1. Start small: read in everyday life with them.  Things like billboards, street signs, movie reviews, etc.

2. Focus on interests: they won’t love to read if they don’t love what they are reading.  If your child loves robots get him books about robots. 

3. Fun reading counts: magazines, comic books, subtitled anime (a personal favorite), cookbooks, anything that requires your child to read is….you guessed it reading. 

4. Read with your child:  this is important for very young children, but this can be fun for older kids as well. Perhaps a read aloud is too childish for older children, but you can get multiple copies of books and read separately together (he he) and discuss the story with your child.

5.  Audiobooks: this isn’t cheating, I repeat this isn’t cheating! Whether your child is a struggling reader or not audiobooks are a good way to incorporate reading into your everyday life.  Choose a book you will both enjoy and play it on a family vacation or on the ride to school.  

You sneaky parent you!

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