Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hey library friends!  It's me, Kathy from Youth Services at MRL , on the lookout for great books to share with you from our collection.

So here it is the middle of October and I'm just getting back to the blog.  But I wanted it to be something you would find interesting or helpful.  I know we librarians give you a monthly list of our own favorite books and I'm hoping you like that.  But it seems that maybe it would be good to hear a little about the book and what I've thought of it .  Then maybe you will rush in to MRL and check it out!!! goes !
 The first book I'm going to talk about is Llama Llama Red Pajama. by Anna Dewdney.  It is a picture book for preschool - Kindergarten.  And it could probably be used for younger ones too.  But , guess what, we ALL have had trouble going to sleep and cried for our Mama or Daddy .  This story tells about a little llama who waits and waits for Mama to return and tuck him back in.,  But Mama gets busy with other stuff.    and Llama gets kinda scared....until Mama hears him crying and comes running back.

The book is so pretty with great watercolor pictures and a great book to soothe "littles" who are ready to settle down.  And anything that is rhythmic with rhyming, patterns and a singsong manner really attracts me!  I have always loved the llama" books and this one in particular is one I'm looking forward to reading in storytime.

 Next up....Baby Mouse For President by Jennifer L. & Matthew Holm !   I have never or maybe have rarely read a graphic novel.  But boy, is this one cute.  It is Grade Level 3-4 and Book Level of 2-6.  This means it's reading level is for the children in third or fourth grade but would be of interest to children second all the way up to sixth grade.  That's quite a range of interest level but it is that kind of story.  Of course with the upcoming election of our president in the next few weeks, this book really hits home.  Cute little Babymouse decides to run for president of her class along with everybody else, it seems.  But she finds that promises are hard to keep and winning isn't always about who's best for the job.  But again, she's just so darn cute and funny and the story reads so easily that the book is happy along with teaching a little bit of a lesson.  I would vote for Babymouse.....YES I WOULD!   

Come back soon for more thoughts on our wonderful books at MRL!

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