Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hey Library  Friends!  It's me, Kathy from Youth Services at MRL, on the lookout for great books to share with you from our collection.  What a great fall we had!  The weather was great and I don't know about you but I got to sit on my porch swing and read in the sunshine for many more days than I had hoped.  Yay!
 But now we're gearing up for the holidays and cold weather and it's going to be great.  You know, in Iceland there is a tradition of giving books to each other on Christmas Eve.  After exchanging,  everyone snuggles down and enjoys their book through the cold winter evening.  Sounds magical to me so maybe we should start looking for great books to share with family and friends and start our own tradition.  Here are some ideas to begin with.

 First of all, for you older kids and adults.   It's Middle-Earth time!  
The Chldren of Hurin

is a  wonderful book is by J.R.R. Tolkien who is the author of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbitt.  It was put together into book form by his son, Christopher Tolkien  as it was originally in manuscript version  This story takes place long before the other two books and may help readers understand what eventually happens in their stories.  I really liked it's flow and manageable size and since I love the stories of middle earth, I was completely drawn in.This book is for kids in the 6-9th grade range.  You will really like it if you are into fantasy.

For a totally different type of story, we have Jack and Louise.  This one jumped out at me because it is about two teenagers who love musical theater!  And musical theater is a passion of mine.  These two kids meet when the boy  (who has actually been on Broadway)  moves to the town where he encounters the girl who would love to learn to do theater but is too afraid. This is just book 1 so there are two others to read and enjoy as they learn about performing arts and also aboout each other.  It has a very light-hearted, humorous tone and is easy to read read (Book Level 5.7) even though the material is geared toward 6-9th graders.   So grab it quick before someone else does!

 Now let's turn to some picture books.  Although this one is in that category, It is for kids in the 3rd-4th grade.  It's called
 I Said No!.  This book is based on the real-life experience of a mother whose 5 year old son encountered some bullying to engage in inappropriate touching by a friend at a party.  Although this mom had thought she had taught her son well, she realized after his "incident" that she had omitted some important things such as what to do when the adult you tell doesn't listen or take it seriously.  Or what happens when it is your best friend who tries it.  The mother is an Early Childhood teacher and was appalled at the things that she didn't think about when teaching her son about protecting his privacy and his own body.  She wrote this book to help herself and others.  

 And finally, a sweet book for grades Pres- 1st  but with a 3.5 grade book level, we have The Little Scarecrow Boy.  What I personally loved was first, the cute little scarecrow, but also the effort by the scarecrow boy to be just like his daddy.  Our parents are our first teachers and we hope that it is a positive experience and in this case, the scarecrow remembered and tried the things his dad taught him.  Sometimes it is easy to forget how powerful that experience really is.  

Hopefully I've sparked an interest in one of these books or something like them.  Come see us and we'll help you find these or anything else you might enjoy.   That's what we're here for !!!  Really...it is!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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