Wednesday, November 2, 2016

More books!

Hey library friends!  It's me, Kathy from Youth Services at MRL , on the lookout for great books to share with you from our collection. It's been very busy around Children's Services the past few weeks.  Of course our Fangtastic Festival was a great success so I hope you were able to join us.  We had a very large crowd and even though we could not get everyone into the Bard room to see the Madcap puppets, people were so pleasant and understanding.  Thank you!  In additional , those people took advantage of all other activities in the library until trick or treat and the games began. It was geat.

Please remember that we have numerous programs coming up for school-age kids such as our weekly after-school Thursday activitiy.  This week is STEM with Miss Rhiannon where you'll be exploring science and math while having fun.  And next Thursday will be free-form Legos!  ALso the second Saturday this month is creative Craft time.  All of these are free and do not require registration so please drop in and join us.

Okay, on to books.....the main event!  

 My first book to show and tell is Such a Silly Baby by Steffanie and Richard Long. 

This book is truly silly and sweet but what I liked the most was the opportunity for babies and their big person to imitate animal sounds throughout the book just like the baby in the story is doing.  The verses have a light easy rhyme to them and can be read in a variety of voices and loudness levels which makes it more exciting for the little ones.  The illustrations are fairly busy so a younger baby might prefer to listen to the story more than look at the pages.  It is just a very happy book.

The next book is a chapter book called Crenshaw  by Katherine Applegate.This book has a book level (aka reading level)  of 3.8 which means it is for those who read at 3rd grade 8th month level.  But it's Grade level of interest would go from 4th-6th grade.  A book for younger readers who like a little older content.  ANYWAY...It is about a very very large cat who is an imaginary friend for a young boy with some pretty big worries.  I love cats , well, animals in general, so I'm drawn to stories that give animals voices, opinions and human-actions.  And this cat is really something.  And look at his size in the picture I posted! 

That's my two books for this week.  I hope you find something you'd like to read in one of my posts.  And check back often for "stuff" on my blog.  You just never know what I'll find!

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