Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hey Library Friends!  It's me, Kathy, from Youth Services at Morrisson-Reeves Library, on the lookout for great books from our collection to share with you . 

Before I begin, let me remind you that we will be having an AWESOME Summer Reading program this year!  And in addition,we will be having summer programming also with activities, games, story times and more.  Watch for our schedule.  

So, I tend to talk about more about the chapter books so I'm going to begin this time with easy readers and pictures. 

Product DetailsThe first book is Willow by Denise Nelson and Rosemarie Brennan .  It is a delightful story about a young girl who is excited to be herself and loves to express herself in the form of art.  Her teacher , on the other hand, is determined to have every one be and act the same.  Instead of letting this get her down, Willow continues to follow her own path and in her own way, guide the others along with her, especially her teacher.  To see the teacher's transformation is fantastic!  

Product DetailsAs if the Moon Could Talk  by Kate Banks attempts to capture and share all the wonderful things sleeping under the moon other than the sleeping child.  It is imaginative and calming at the same time.  And the illustration have a somewhat soft look that goes with reading a book about nighttime.

I grew up on Grimms fairy tales so I was immediately attracted to this book.  A Tale Dark & Grimm by Adam Gidurtz  is a revised version of Hansel and Gretel with much of the original story intact.  I really liked the intriguing manner in which the narrator speaks to the reaqder directly at times but does not really break the fourth wall when doing so.  

Product DetailsLast for today is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowlings and Jack Thorne. Having been a true Harry Potter fan from the beginning, I was anxious to read this.  It is written in a script form which also played on my love of theater.  I loved getting to know the children of my beloved characters, Harry, Hermoine and Ron.  This is different from the original books but in a fun way and it was neat to observe how the threesome  acts as adults.  Give it a try!

That's all for today.  I'll be back soon for more books, books, books!

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